TEC International wiring cables are used in a multitude of applications and environments. A truly range-taking product unsurpassed by any other product and requires no conduit or concrete protection to enhance its use. 


  • Real fire circuit integrity performance by furnace testing (Furnace testing 2 hours or more 1,850°F (1,010°C) + hose stream 
  • Zero toxic emissions (not: just low halogen & high CO)  
  • Zero flame propagation (not: limited flame propagation for external fire only)  
  • Zero smoke (not: just ‘claimed’ low smoke)  
  • Zero heat of combustion (not: high fuel element & high heat of combustion, & high oxygen consumption & high CO emissions)  
  • Zero environmental impact in installation, service life & disposal (100% recyclable)  
  • Zero impact from rodents, termites, and insects (resistant outer sheath)  
  • High Short Circuit Ratings (high safety – no self-ignition)  
  • High Overload resistance (high safety – no self-ignition)  
  • Characteristic Impedance (no significant change during fire or hose stream) 
  • Mechanical integrity across normal and abnormal operating temperature range (Cable does not soften at operating or overload temperatures)  
  • Non-aging (not a reduction in elongation at break to 50% absolute in 2.3 years at rated temp.)  
  • Small Size (diameter) (less installation space needed)  
  • Fewer supports required (longer support distances due to less sag)  
  • Waterproof (Solid copper outer jacket)  
  • Radiation proof (use permitted in reactor chamber of Nuclear Power Sites 
  • Bio/Chemical Hazard safe (fully sealed cable at each end and through full length)  
  • Sharps & Crush resistant (not just unidirectional cut resistant)  
  • No OHS issues (Occupational Health & Safety for installation and handling)  
  • Proven fire protection performance (in service over 80 years) 


The standard range of the cable provides the ideal solution for almost all electrical circuits. 600 volts with conductors from 10AWG to 500MCM giving current ratings up to 700 amps. 


TEC International offers a full range of complementary termination and installation accessories and tools that provide for a complete wiring system.